Best Coffee of 2017.

Best coffee of 2017 is subjective of course, and I am just sharing my personal favorite coffees that made it to CoffeeKen. There were plenty of new and exciting coffees to try in 2017 from coffee roasters around the country. Of course, there are the tried and true that have remained consistent since they first appeared on CoffeeKen, and have continued to perform up to their already set high standards.


These people all do an outstanding job roasting coffee, and I will not place one above the other due to the fact that if they have a review here, they have already demonstrated excellence.


The list here is based on the order of my coffee reviews as they appeared through 2017, so there are no preconceived notions of the first one on the list is my favorite. They’re all great, which is why they are on the website to begin with.

The List

My first coffee review for 2017 came from Bergies, they had a small offering of coffee from Bali called Kintamani, that was exotic, and hard to find. For more info click on the link below.

Then Bergies followed up with a tasty coffee from Guatemala Hue Hue Honey process that caught my attention.

Johnny Lolita’s Brazil Dark

After that, Johnny Lolita’s out of Washington sent me some Brazilian coffee that had a fine dark roast on it. It knocked my socks off. The key word for it was chocolate.

Preanger Java

Bergies was on a roll in 2017, with another offering of hard to get coffee, a Preanger Java that was outstanding, and very lovely to drink.

Arcane Coffee Company was next on the list, they are a new coffee company in Indiana that are quite excellent. They get some outstanding micro lot coffee and do a first-rate job of roasting them, well worth the time drinking their coffee.

Union’s coffee

Next was Union Coffee Company in Peoria AZ, a new start up coffee roaster that I think will be going large soon. Like Arcane they have access to some great micro lots as well.

Peixoto orphan coffee

Peixoto in Chandler AZ had a different offering, an orphan coffee, one you never see or taste again.

Carta Coffee out of Hawaii had this gem of a coffee to offer and support Project Open Hand.

Harbinger Coffee out of Fort Collins CO came on the market with this wonder offering.

Prosum Horse Thief

And finally, Prosum Coffee Roasters in Albuquerque NM had this offering that was fun to drink and show off to my friends.


I hope this will take you on a path of discovery for some outstanding coffee. I had fun finding and tasting all this excellent coffee.






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