Bergie’s Guatemala Hue Hue Honey Process

  Guatemalan Hue Hue Honey Process is Bergies new coffee on their Select Self! Turns out to be a wonderful addition to the Bergies line of coffee!

The Honey Process is a method of curing coffee, the skin and pulp of the coffee bean is removed, but the mucilage is left on. This method imparts a sweeter flavor profile, hence the name “honey”. Honey Process is now the new and exciting way of processing coffee, which in my opinion is a really, good thing! Of course there is no real honey being used to add flavor, or cure the coffee beans, there are other methods out there that add flavors, but I will discuss that at a later date.


The Guatemalan Hue Hue is a fine coffee that you can find anywhere at any coffee shop, but coming across a honey process Guatemalan is not that common. Which of course means that Bergies has that coffee in limited amounts, so if you are a coffee coinsurer, and you want to add this experience to your “done that” list, then you should go to Bergies, and get a bag…right now!


Here is what I found.



The aroma is a mix of rich nutty, chocolate notes, with an amazing floral undertone.


Nuttiness is the primary flavor offering a balance of chocolate, that is naturally sweet, and clean, but has a strong flavor. After the cup cools down a bit I noticed a nice malty flavor that contributes to the sweetness of this cup.



Bright, and not overbearing, and well balanced between the smoothness, and sweet. This trait did not go away, even after the cup cooled down quite a bit.



The body is full of flavor, but it is light in texture, it coats your entire mouth, imparting a full array of the flavors mentioned above. I like this very much, as some coffees are prone to be heavy, leaving a long bitter aftertaste, but not with this coffee. You get a clean finish.



Overall I found the Guatemalan to be bright and fresh, no bitter aftertaste. A well balanced cup between nutty and chocolate with some lovely floral undernotes with a hint of malt as the cup cools down, making this coffee a real treat to have. Good job Bergies!






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