Johnny Lolitas Brazil Dark, a dark chocolate treat in a cup.

Johnny Lolitas Brazil Dark is really a treat for me, since I have a fondness for a fine, dark roasted coffee, and dark chocolate. I get the best of both worlds in this bag of coffee from Johnny Lolita. Johnny Lolita is no stranger to, they have always roasted coffee the way I love it, and their Brazil Dark is no exception!

Johnny Lolita’s Brazil Dark

Here is what I found.


The aroma of the Brazil Dark is big, as in so big it fills the entire kitchen, and living room with its rich, smoky, smooth, dark chocolate bouquet. Teasing you with a hint of wonderful things to come.



Upon sipping this coffee, I was quite impressed with the natural sweetness, and the solid, dark chocolate flavor, not to mention a hint of spice that came out when half-and-half was added.


This coffee roast is very well balanced, clean finish, with no bitter aftertaste. Naturally sweet, and smooth, keeping with the flavor profile.



The body of the Brazil Dark is full, covering your mouth without being heavy. There is a slight juiciness to it, which is rather surprising, coming from a dark roast coffee. I did not notice any sour notes as the coffee cooled down in my cup.



This Brazil Dark roast from Johnny Lolita is quite clean, and bright without any bitterness. Full of dark chocolate flavor, accented by being naturally sweet. Well rounded body texture in the mouth, with a slight juiciness that I find rather refreshing. There was no bitterness or sour aftertaste, but a nice clean finish. With half and half or whole milk added, the texture of this coffee became more like velvet with a tantalizing hint of spice, urging your taste buds to drink more!



If you don’t have Johnny Lolita on your mail order coffee list, you need to do so, you will be glad you did! You can always find some gems in their shop.







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