Project Open Hand Roast, Carta Coffee’s Latest Offering for a good cause.

Project Open Hand Roast is the latest offering from Hawaii’s own Carta Coffee Merchants. This roast is working in conjunction with Project Open Hand (POH), in San Francisco, CA, an organization that serves people meals who are in medical, and/or life threating situations. Healthy groceries are sent out to the elderly in need, who have challenges moving around throughout their wonderful city.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival by “Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival 2016”

Carta’s main guy Scott has been kind enough to make a special roast for POH, and will debut it at the Ghiraradelli Chocolate Festival this Sept 9 and 10. You will be very impressed with the pairing of Carta’s POH roast and any of the Ghiraradelli’s dark chocolate. Heaven in a cup and delight in a bite of chocolate. Things can’t get any better than that, hard to believe this is still legal.

The big news though, is that a portion of Carta Coffee sales will go to POH, and help fund their coffers, and to be of service to the community of San Francisco and Oakland. This is a great opportunity to order yourself some high-quality Kona Coffee, AND support a very noble cause, Project Open Hand, or better yet, go to the Ghiraradelli Chocolate Festival and be the envy of your coffee drinking friends!

Carta Coffee Merchants Table at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival by “Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival 2016”

Is this coffee from Carta worth all the hype? Yes, here is what I found.



Project Open Hand (POH) has a very, very large aroma, the kind that will find its way to you where ever you are. The rich earthiness, and smoky aroma will tease you forward until you get close enough to be enticed by the spice and nutty sub aroma.



Very smooth, naturally sweet, almost velvet like, with complex flavors of spice (cinnamon), caramel, citrus and some earthiness to round out this tantalizing cup.

I added milk to this outstanding cup and all the flavors became somewhat muted, but it did not lose any profiles at all. The citrus still gave this coffee a naturally sweet and clean finish.

Kona Cherries by hires


Usually a coffee this darkly roasted will have a long and unpleasant aftertaste, but that is not the case here. The citrus gives it a nice acidic edge that gives you a sweet and nice clean finish.



I drink this coffee and yes, I do get visions of a tropical paradise, including the volcanoes that make it possible to have this wonderful coffee. It is full, thick and very impressive, not creamy or oily.



Very fresh, full of complex flavors, such as spice, earthiness, smoky, caramel and citrus. All in balance with each other, one not overpowering the other. It is a long-lasting cup that has a surprising clean finish. No bitter aftertaste, and a wonderful mouth feel.

Carta Coffee Roaster by hires

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