Bergies Preanger Java, a Coffee that Won’t Leave You Mad!

 Preanger Java is Bergies latest offering, it will leave you wanting more.  You might even find yourself drinking it at odd times of the day. I just finished my cup at 4:30 in the afternoon, well past my normal coffee drinking time. Preanger Java is from the western part of Java. The coffee is found on the highest reaches, due to the heights so steep that dirt bikes are used to bring down the freshly picked coffee! And Bergies has this hard to get to coffee right here in Gilbert AZ! If you live outside of Gilbert, I am sure you can order it over the internet, and get some of this exotic coffee.

Preanger Java

Finally here is what I found.


Preanger Java has a big aroma that fills up the kitchen with tantalizing smells of nuts, caramel, with a hint of spice and earthiness. As the cup aged a bit in my cup, I also picked up a subtle hint of smokiness.



Flavor is strong with nuttiness and caramel, which surprised me. A firm taste of earthiness was what I was expecting, but it was mild, and well balanced with spice. There is also a up a hint of malt as a finish note on my last sip. I tried the Preanger with milk as well, and was delighted to find that the caramel flavor became a dominate trait, making it a perfect cup to have as a dessert, or a break time cup.



I found this coffee to be bright, and brisk, not muddy, or gritty as some Sumatra, or Java coffees can be. Most of all it was very well balanced being smooth and spicy.



A nice full body coffee that was impressively full, without it being overly thick or oily.



In conclusion, this is a perfect roast on a hard to get coffee bean, this coffee is fresh, full of flavor, bright, and well rounded, with a long cup life. So, you can take your time, and enjoy this wonderful cup of Preanger Java from Bergies.

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