Union Coffee Company’s El Salvador Sergio Catani, more than just a name.

Union has a rather fantastic coffee they are roasting in a small batch size throughout the coffee roasting world. A highly, sought-after coffee bean from El Salvador, that is raised and processed on the estate of Sergio Catani.

Union’s coffee

Mr. Catani’s coffee estate is located in the north-west of El Salvador, an area that has produced some “Cup of Excellence” coffee, and Mr. Catani is a part of that esteemed group. Union Coffee Company has the bragging rights to be one of few roasters currently roasting this fine coffee bean. Union, in my opinion, has done an excellent job roasting this coffee bean.


Here is what I found.



Big! I am talking big and rich enough that it travels throughout the house, enticing people to get out of bed and start their day. The main aroma is nuttiness and chocolate when I ground up my beans, but when I added water I got almonds and caramel as well.



I picked up the caramel and chocolate at first, then the almonds showed up as an aftertaste, making this a pleasant cup to have first thing in the morning. When I added milk to it, it became a whole different cup of coffee. A natural sweet cream taste with milk chocolate notes took center stage, and the caramel became an undertone note in the tasting.



This coffee has a bright, clean note to it, without being bitter. With milk in it, the brightness is more subdued, and a full balanced cup shows up.

Union’s Coffee Roaster


The body is slightly thick, providing a full mouth feel, without being oily. I was quite impressed with it, how it behaved as a cup without milk or cream and became a totally different experience when you added dairy to it.



Still a nice bright cup in either drinking camp (milk or without milk) that has a pleasant long finish that is well rounded in flavors and aroma.


A great cup, offered by Union Coffee Company.

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