Prodigy Coffee, Denver’s New Master of Coffee.

Prodigy Coffee is Denver’s newest coffee shop, located right on Colorado Blvd and 40th Street. What makes Prodigy stand out for me? Well, beside the outstanding espresso drink that I received, they took over an old garage, and made it totally functional for their shop!

The coffee bar at Prodigy

The old garage doors are incorporated in their functional design, and can be opened to ease accessibility, and provide wonderful air flow. The refit was done so well I didn’t even noticed it until I left to go home!


How was the service?

The service at Prodigy was very good, I was greeted right away by a friendly barista. I placed my order and was told when it would be ready and it was. I like that.


How was the espresso?

I ordered a cortado that was made very expertly. The espresso had a nice balance with the foamed milk, making my afternoon coffee break an enjoyable one.

A well made cortado

How was shop?

The shop itself was very spacious, not over crowded with chairs and tables, it was brightly painted with bold colors, but with nice subdued colors. The noise level was on the quite side, which is fine by me. I don’t care for loud shops that double as echo chambers, causing me to leave quickly, or risk having a headache that lasts the rest of the day.

The lobby at Prodigy’s

I also really liked the way the garage doors were being re-purposed, allowing in the fresh air, and providing you access to their patio on the west side, where you are treated to a stunning view of the Rocky Mountain Front Range.


Would you go back?

Yes, I would! It is in a nice location, and unlike most of Denver’s coffee shops, parking is NOT an issue! There is plenty of parking, and it is very easy to get to. The staff is friendly, and very talented on the espresso machine, not to mention that there are some nice desserts to go with your drink. So yes, I would go back.


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