Carta Coffee 2023 Latitude Natural Process delivers

Carta Coffee 2023 Latitude Natural Process delivers as well as its earlier predecessors, giving you that distinctive aroma and flavor profile that makes it, it’s own.

Coffee, like wine, varies year to year, due to weather and environment, lending a subtle to a distinctive flavor. That is the case with this years offering of Latitude. It delivers the same fine quality coffee that I got to know over the past few years. I did go over my past reviews from the last several years, and the changes that are there are subtle, and in my opinion, enhance the coffee rather detract.  

Here is what I found


The aroma is bold, deep earthiness, that entices you and draws you in. I picked up some  natural sweetness, a tiny bit of leaf tobacco, with some dark chocolate and a hint of port wine to complete  this mesmerizing  coffee.

Carta Coffee Latitude Light 2023


The flavor is the best part of the Latitude Natural Process (LNP) coffee, followed by the aroma. The flavors are firm, not subtle or overbearing, but at the right level. I have been savoring the earthy and dark chocolate taste, with a pleasant hint of smokiness. The leaf tobacco is in the aroma, but the port wine is there when the cup cools down and ages a bit. It is still delicious even cold. It makes a wonderful cold brew coffee, or if you are old school like me, for iced coffee it is the tops.  When you add dairy to the LNP, the dark chocolate really comes out in front, and the natural sweetness is a close second.


Like Hawaiian weather, the body is smooth, and has very easy mouth feel. Well rounded, full with a slow but nice finish. A nice way to start or finish your day.


Like all Pacific coffees, the LNP acidity is low, giving it a long cup life, what I really enjoy is the natural sweetness that permeates all the way through out. It is such a lovely cup of coffee.


Carta Coffee’s Farm

Overall this coffee is another stellar win for Carta Coffee here at CoffeeKen, it has all the hallmarks of greatness, it is an all American coffee, a 100% Kona coffee, with no mixed coffee beans from any where else. You will not find coffee this outstanding anywhere else.


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