Palm Press, a coffee press that fits in your hand.

Plam Press, a coffee press that fits in your hand, and delivers a wonderful cup of coffee for those on the go.

I got the Palm Press a while ago, and I have been impressed by it. Well made, easy to clean, and easy to use. What makes this coffee press so impressive to me is how compact it is. The Palm Press easily fits in my backpack, lunch bag and even in my glove box in my vehicle.  It collapse in on itself, the thick silicone walls make this happen, and really adds to the durability. The bottom is made of hard, heat resistant plastic, however, the marvel of engineering is the top, where the coffee comes out. In the center of the top there is a stainless steel ring that surrounds a stainless steel mesh disk, encased by the same durable plastic. That stainless steel mesh disk is the key to happiness.

What makes it so special?

Palm Press has made a mesh that filters a majority of fine coffee grounds, giving, you a nice clean cup. I got some super fine grounds in my cup, but to be fair, I have yet to find a non-paper filter system that is 100% clean. 

How easy is it?

The instructions are very simple, and the different steps are printed directly on the Palm Press, although they are hard to see. For example, there is a line for how much coffee to put in, a maximum water line, and on the mesh disk there is even the sage advice of using a medium grind.

Adding coffee to the Palm Press

You pull the silicone body until it is fully extended, add your coffee until you reach the line, add hot water to the max fill line, screw on the lid until the white lines meet and it is tight. Set the time for 4 minutes, then flip it over a cup after, and gently press your Palm Press.

Fill with hot water

It really is that simple. Of course like the standard French Press, you do have to empty it out over a trash can to get rid of the coffee grounds; but this small prices is worthy of the large taste you get from the Palm Press.

I got this press as a whim, not realizing how well made it was, and that it has delivered a lot excellent coffee over the year I have been using it. So if you want this for yourself, or for a coffee drinker that is a urban or outdoor explorer, this is the item that will bring some comfort of fresh brewed coffee. It is neat, compact and well made. A good choice to have in your coffee brewing collection.   

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