Ghost Town Coffee and Cafe. No! It is real!

Ghost Town Coffee and Cafe is the real deal as far as I am concern. I found this outstanding coffee shop, and coffee roaster, on my road trip this year while looking for an oasis of quality coffee shops along the I-90 corridor. Ghost Town did not disappoint, in fact they exceeded my expectations so much, that I went back on my return trip home to enjoy their outstanding coffee and relaxing cafe, and of course to buy a bag of their coffee to bring home with me. 

Ghost Town is located in Bozeman, MT in the Bridger Center, just off of MT 86. I do strongly recommend using your GPS to get there. It saved us lots of time because there is no direct on or off ramp to MT 86 if you are on I-90. Getting there is well worth it. Once you step into the shop you quickly see why it is so praise worthy.

The Lobby

You have a spacious lobby that greets you with plenty of seating, so meeting up with your friends, or a group to have some stellar coffee and share some time together is easily accommodated. There is also space enough for you to get caught on some work as well.

To your right, you can see the roaster partitioned off by a glass wall, and in action, allowing you to clearly see where all the magic happens. This location is the primary spot for all the coffee that is roasted for Ghost Town, two other locations, and their commercial accounts.

Behind the espresso bar is the “The Lab” this where the tasting and tweaking goes on. The Lab is also home to brewing classes that are offered by Ghost Town.  If you a budding coffee geek and need to know how to improve coffee at home or you just to need to know what is new and trending in coffee brewing, this is your place.


The other gem of Ghost Town is that they have their own bakery! When I was there, the baked goods that were offered were yummy! The two times we stopped, we got some goodies to go with our coffee. 

There are plenty of swag goods to buy as well as coffee beans, supporting the local business. 

What I greatly admire about Ghost Town, that it is off the beaten path, so the people you see there are not tourists, but people of the community. To me, that is what makes a great coffee shop even greater.

Last word

Any way, I’ve gushed enough for you to know what I clearly think of Ghost Town. If I drive up to Bozeman MT, you know where you can find me. 

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