Carta Coffee 2023 Artisan Series is better yet!

Carta Coffee 2023 Artisan Series is better yet! With new art on the bag cover by the highly talented Norman Kekki, symbolizing the rich, geological backdrop of Kona, that gives Kona it’s very distinctive flavor profile. The deep, rich, fiery and earthy notes that makes Kona, Kona.

Norman Kiekki art

Carta Coffee Merchants is a small business, and a micro lot coffee farm and roaster, that is more artisan than commercial, meaning that you are getting the best, and highest quality from Scott Burr, the owner of Carta Coffee. He oversees every aspect of the operation at Carta Coffee. With that hands on approach, you are getting a work of caffeine art in the cup.

Here is what I found


Big, bold, earthy, fiery, smokey, with an undertone of pipe tobacco, and sweet stone fruit.


Big, bold, earthy, smokey. There is a nice blend of dark chocolate with mango, which was a pleasant surprise for me.

The undertone of pipe tobacco is still there, and is a nice accompaniment to the overall flavor profile. 

I also found this coffee to be naturally sweet, and as it mellows in the cup the natural sweetness comes forward. The finish note is a very tasty dark chocolate with, or with out dairy.

Carta Coffee Artisan Series 2023 being served


2023 Artisan is full, well rounded. Giving you  a very pleasant mouth feel, hot or cold. We also tried this coffee as a cold brew, and iced coffee, (old school) it held up very well to the different brewing methods, not loosing any of its charm.


The acidity is low, so this coffee has a long cup life making it a perfect candidate for cold brew or old school iced coffee for those hot and muggy days of summer. The natural sweetness comes out as well, so I would not use sugar or a flavored creamer with this coffee, you would ruin it in my opinion. A great morning cup of coffee to enjoy with your breakfast or morning break, due to the mellow nature of this coffee.


I found the Carta Coffee 2023 Artisan Series to be an outstanding cup of coffee. It is coveted here at All I have to do is mention that there is a bag from Carta Coffee here, and the list of names for the sampling panel gets filled real fast. I can’t say that about the other coffees that has been tried here. So if you are a true coffee snob, enthusiast or a person who loves coffee and wants to support American goods, Carta Coffee 2023 Artisan Series is your best bet. 

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