A Year in Review.

2017: A Year in Review.This past year has seen some most noteworthy coffee shops that caught my attention, and some coffee roasters that showed off some high-quality roast. Java Journey 2017 was rather a limited trip this year due to time management, but overall, looking back, it was a rather good year.


I found 11 new coffee shops to add to the CoffeeKen.com list, and 12 new coffee reviews. Some from top notch roasters I have had in the past, and a few from new roasters that are just starting out, and look very promising.

A shift made

I made a shift in my writing, I focused on coffee related issues such as coffee techs, water filtration, buying espresso machines, and something really new, guest writers. The guest writers were such a treat for me, and an absolute honor. These writes provide my blog with a new level of credibility, validating all the work I have done over several years. I relished each article going through the editing process, ensuring that we stayed true to the ideas, views and convictions of CoffeeKen, adding to the excitement of 2017.


My end of year review is the listed below, with links to all the coffee shops that I reviewed, all of which are great coffee shops to go to, just kick back, and hang out in. Most of all there is no quick pace mind set here at these shops, which is of course one of the many reasons like these shops. The other very important reason is that these shops are part of the community that they serve, they host events, music, finally I support these shops is because they are locally owned, and operated.


My best to you, in this new, and exciting new year, 2018.


Here are the links to my Coffee Shop’s reviews


Sweet Cold Brew









Mugs Coffee Shop





Next I will be writing about the outstanding coffee that I tasted last year.


Happy New Year.


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