King Coffee, worthy of the title.

King Coffee, in Tempe AZ, is a coffee shops that is just right on every level! Great customer service, great coffee, espresso of the same caliber, and some outstanding pastries that I find hard to say no to.

King Coffee’s cappuccino and cream danish

King Coffee is right across from ASU, and has the perfect décor. The shop is stylized with metal and soft chairs, and couches that are a throwback to the 70’s, but are newly made. There is art work that covers the walls is all created locally, and done with great taste. Everything is laid out to be comfortable, and spacious for college students that want a quiet place to study, and for local people who wants a quite cup of coffee.

King’s lobby

What impressed me the most however, was the customer service! I have been in twice, and have had different baristas, and the quality of the service has been the same, outstanding! What caught my attention is the voting tip jar, everyday there is a question, and you, the customer, vote on it by placing your tip on the side you like. It is a fun way to tip and start a conversation.


King roast their own coffee, and will hopefully be selling it soon; their excellent coffee is served fresh daily and their espresso blend is top notch in my opinion. Another coffee option King Coffee has is their cold brew, which is, of course, brewed perfectly, and has an enticing taste, which is a perfect choice on an Arizona hot summer day. All your coffee and espresso choices are covered there at King Coffee.

King Coffee seating area


I made mention of their pastries, because they are simply the best that I have found in Tempe. Fresh, and absolutely delicious. I am remised in that I did not find out who is the baker of these epicurean delights. Rest assured, whoever it is, it is well worth the drive and time for a “treat yourself right” moment.


Overall, I am going to say King Coffee has won me over, by paying attention to all the things that make a coffee shop great, customer service, great décor, and of course great coffee, espresso and food!


Go check them out!

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