The Grand Central Coffee Company is just that, Grand.

 Grand Central Coffee Company, located on Central Ave in downtown Phoenix, is just that, Grand, in every sense of the word. A fabulous location, décor to die for, fully tricked out bar, and a kitchen that makes some high quality food. The main reason I visited The Grand, is, of course, for their coffee and espresso drinks, and boy how they do deliver!

I arrived, on a rare, wet, dreary day here in Phoenix, I was met warmly, instantly making me feel right at ease. I ordered a cappuccino that was expertly prepared, and I had one of their fresh baked brownies that was just the perfect combination of walnuts and chocolate chips. The pairing of the two was perfect! I also looked at their other offerings of pastries, next time I am there, I will try their croissants.

What is the décor like?

The Grand Coffee Bar

The décor is outstanding; it is like stepping back in time to a Victorian era, with a little bit of steam punk added in just to keep it current. I loved the clocks over the bar, and all the different types of seating areas, which are arranged in a masterful way to allow for some space for quite refuge, also allowing a space where you can have a group of people together without them interfering in the atmosphere of The Grand. You will find all kind of interesting items to look at in The Grand, some of it is art on the walls, and others are items from a gone by era of a 100 years ago.

Conference table at The Grand

How was the cappuccino?

My cappuccino was fantastic! Just as good as the ones I have had in Seattle, the right balance of espresso and foam. The espresso blend that was used was the right mix of brightness and full body, it did not overpower the milk and foam of my drink.

Cappuccino and a Brownie at The Grand

Bottom line?

Bottom line is…. Most of all I can’t wait to show this place off to my friends who love coffee, and coffee shops. This is one of Phoenix’s best coffee shops!

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