Voyager Craft Coffee, Cascade Blend

Voyager Craft Coffee, out of Santa Clara CA, is an up and coming coffee roaster with a few coffee shops serving up their outstanding coffee. I received a bag of their Cascade Blend from my friend, Brian Williams, owner of the blog “Brian’s Coffee Spot”. I am quite glad that he gave me this excellent bag of coffee to taste.

A bag of Voyager Craft Coffee waiting to be severed

Here is what I found:



Voyager’s Cascade Blend has a unique blend of berries, dark chocolate richness, and a slight hint of nuts when you open the bag. The nuttiness really comes out when it is steeping, or brewing. The aroma is big, and inviting, promising of a wonderful cup of coffee to grace your table.

Cascade Blend


Black, the flavor has a nice taste of peanuts with the dark chocolate and berries as a back note. As the coffee cools down in your cup the dark chocolate shows up more. Served black, it has a nice dry crisp finish to it. Adding dairy, the berries and dark chocolate take centerstage again as they did in the aroma. The berry notes become more dominate as the Cascade cools down. The nuttiness becomes the finish note of this excellent coffee.



Cascade has a full body mouth feel. It is not weak or thin, nor is it thick. Adding dairy gives some weight to it, but it still stays out of the heavy to thick range. A nice break for your pallet.



This blend has the best of all the beans used in this blend. There is no bitter aftertaste, nor any sharpness to it as it cools down in the cup. A very friendly cup of coffee.



I am quite impressed with Voyager’s Cascade Blend. This type of blend of coffee could have gone wrong in so many directions. The roast on it was a perfect choice, a nice cinnamon roast that brought out all the best that all the coffee beans have to offer. Cascade is a well-balanced blend that showcases what a good roaster can do. Hats off to Voyager Craft Coffee.





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