Vietnamese Coffee Press, CoffeeKen’s little “guilty pleasure”

If there is such a thing as a “guilty pleasure” in the world of coffee gadgets than this is the most likely candidate.

The Vietnamese Coffee Press is well known in any Asian bistro or restaurant, most often found in the desert section on the menu, this rich coffee made this way has sweetened condensed milk served hot or over ice. The press itself is a simple item with a perforated bottom and top that screws in, and a lid. That’s it, nothing fancy or expensive.

It is a slow process to brew for only one cup of coffee and hence the reason you won’t see it at your favorite coffee shop. The other reason is the sweetened condensed, too many calories. I personally use vanilla soymilk, in that way the calories are cut in half and just as tasty.

If you have a taste for adventure add some cream type of cordial (wink, wink, nod, nod) with some of the condensed milk or replace all of it, if you are spending the night home.

Buy two of these wonderful presses so you can enjoy the experience with someone special!

It is easy to use, put 3 spoonfuls of your favorite dark coffee, ground coarsely, screw in the top part down tight add hot water, 195-205 degrees, wait until it starts dripping over your cup, prepared with sweetened condensed milk, if the coffee comes out to slow, loosen the screw to make the right adjustment and enjoy.

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