Tony’s Upland Blend, a step up in the right direction.

Tony’s Upland Blend, a step up in the right direction, is perhaps one the very best coffee blends that I have come across in a very long time. What impressed me the most is the versatility of this blend. I made espresso drinks, did espresso shots, brewed it with various equipment, and Tony’s Upland keeps delivering the same flavor profile. It did not matter which method I used, the flavor notes stayed true. The flavor of milk chocolate and toasted almonds is the main signature that never goes away. You can enhance those two flavors in your espresso drinks by using whole milk to bring forward the milk chocolate, or if you prefer the toasted almonds, use almond milk.

Tony’s Coffee is out of Bellingham, WA, and Washington is well known for it’s coffee and the roasters that hooked a nation on coffee and espresso. They have been roasting the Java Juice since 1971 and been the first to do certified organic roasting. They are also a founding member of the World Coffee Research. But, the accolades do not stop there, no, they are committed to green power. Their roastery is 100% green, they have been that way for over a decade. Truly cutting edge.

Here is what I found.

Tony’s Upland Blend is a wonderful mix of milk chocolate and toasted almonds, making it perfect for any time of day, be it for breakfast or break time. The medium roast gives the cup a nice cup time without it getting bitter when it cools down. The two main flavors are perfect for any type of breakfast and pairs well with any type of dessert or any snacks that you want. Food pairing is not needed here, just grab what you want and enjoy. 

The acidity is low and is naturally sweet, which helps in the cup life and keeps the coffee enjoyable. The body is substantial, not watery or thin, nor is it heavy. Very much like the Goldilocks zone, just right. 

On the whole I have to say this coffee is a real winner, I could not find any fault, just an outstanding cup of coffee. 

Brewing methods:

I tested Tony’s Upland blend through my espresso machine, the drinks were spot on. There was no aftertaste, nor any up front bitterness. I also pulled a shot without dairy or nondairy and it was delicious, even my partner enjoyed it as a stand alone shot. That was when I knew I had a winner here. 

A fresh pulled shot.

The Moka pot was a big surprise, it came out just as sweet and mild as it did with the French Press, the Chemex and the Siphon. I brewed the Upland daily in my French Press, which is strictly my personal choice, but you are safe to brew it any way you want. You will not loose the flavor profile nor the flavor notes. One sip and you know it is Tony’s Coffee Upland Blend.

P.S. This review took me three bags to do, due to the enjoyable nature of this coffee.  

You will find a map inside the bag.


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