The Coffee Cowboy

Where you can pony up and have espresso

The Coffee Cowboy in Telluride CO is one of those pleasant gimmicks that really work. They have a full, functioning espresso bar, coffee depot, patio furniture, and real baristas that man the shop, completely encased in a horse trailer, hence the name The Coffee Cowboy.

The Coffee Cowboy trailer

The Coffee Cowboy trailer

In Telluride, there are plenty of places that have espresso machines, but that does not mean that they are actually coffee shops, at least by my standard. It seems that they use espresso to pull people in, but that is not the case with The Coffee Cowboy. It is a real coffee shop and espresso bar, nothing more, no hats, tee shirts or cooking equipment with a wine bar attach, just a plain, honest coffee joint that is currently serving the best coffee in Telluride.


The Coffee Cowboy is the social hub in Telluride all year long, being the main supplier of coffee drinks, tea and chai. They have cowboy and cowgirl theme drinks, but don’t let that throw you off, they are for real, the hours even reflect that, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. They are so much a part of the community that they stay open late at night whenever there is a festival going on in Telluride. The Coffee Cowboy is legitimate, and not a tourist trap with over priced coffee.


I normally don’t review pop up coffee bars, but The Coffee Cowboy has been in Telluride for quite some time in the same place earning a loyal following, and winning over coffee purist like me, they know their stuff, and it shows the minute you order you drink. The view in Telluride is breath taking, and what is better than to have a cup of coffee, or espresso drink outside, sipping on some outstanding caffeine, and soaking in some equally outstanding views of the Rocky Mountains, life is good with that combination.

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