Supporting your local coffee roaster and coffee shop has never been more important!

Supporting your local coffee roaster and coffee shop, is perhaps more important than ever! With the uncertainty of COVID 19, and the far reaching social and economic impact this virus is causing, I thought instead of doing reviews, that this op ed is more important.

Peixoto‘s coffee

It is now more important than ever to be supportive of your local and small businesses. This site is a reference for just such information. I have spent several years compiling a list of independently owned shops and coffee roasters, personally visiting each one of them reviewing and sampling their coffee. The ones that are on my list are the ones I personally recommend.

Cutbow’s Coffee Roaster

Like all things, your taste for coffee and espresso may be different than mine, but this is a good starting point to be proactive in supporting your local and small businesses. I have tasted and reviewed each coffee roaster that is currently on my site. Hopefully after all of this they will still be around to supply people with their outstanding coffee.


My website contains a list of all the small coffee roasters that I know, with links to their sites. Please use this as a means to enrich your coffee world, while supporting their economic world, all without risking yourself and others.


If we pull together as a group, then we can weather this crisis out. The big corporations of the coffee world can easily withstand this challenge, where as your small local businesses can’t. I know from personal experience that they operate on a thin, thin margin of profit. They do this because they love coffee, and the people that they meet. It would be a tragedy if we as a country lost our local business base economy, and our beloved coffee culture.


Go onto Instagram and Facebook, look up coffee shops and coffee roasters, follow them and support them. Where you shop makes a difference.


Wishing everyone the best of luck, and good health during these difficult times.









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