Portland’s OR own doing very well

Roaster Review: I bought a bag of Stumptown’s  French Roast Organic and found it to be a out-standing. The flavor profiles and the word description matched perfectly with each other. I had made several cups with this bag and enjoyed each one constantly. I did several brewing methods; pour over, french press, espresso and a moka pot, I was pleased with every one. A side note,  the cup life of this blend is long and very tasty.

Description: Stumptown is Portland OR own coffee roaster, they  have a wide selection of single origin beans and several top of the line blends that will satisfy any coffee geeks taste buds. Stumptown has three locations, Portland OR, Seattle WA, and New York, NY.Stumptown has a great web site full of useful information, where the coffee beans come from, how to brew a excellent cup of coffee, with any brewing methods that are out there. Videos and news-letters keeping you up to date. On-line ordering is very easy to use and a secure they are an active partner with Direct Trade and the USDA Organic.

Origin of Beans:

  • Africa
  • Asian-Pacific
  • South America
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