SoJourners Coffee & Tea a perfect place for the weary traveler.

SoJourners Coffee & Tea is a perfect place for the weary traveler in search for a perfect cup of tea, a hearty cup of coffee or a well-deserved cup of espresso, with a tantalizing pastry.

SoJourners pastry and espresso.

I came across SoJourners in Denver CO a day after a late winter blizzard, and SoJourners was one of the few places that was open and serving. I pulled in, walked into the lobby, and found this place crowded with regulars. They had braved the weather and road conditions to get their caffeine fix for the day.


What was the Lobby like?

The lobby is rather eclectic, with a wonderful mis mash of styles going on. On one side there is a dark corner where it is rather intimate, on the other side of the shop it is full of light with big tables and plug-ins for the students and professionals that need a work spot. The middle of the shop has a large sofa and several tables with chairs that bridge the gap between the two-opposing d├ęcors. Giving SoJourners a comfortable feel and welcoming ambiance.

SoJourners Lobby

How was the espresso?

The espresso at SoJourners was quite excellent. My barista did an outstanding job on making my dry cappuccino. I did indulge in a chocolate croissant that was perfectly flaky. The pastries are made locally, right in Denver. So, the food is always fresh.

The espresso is roasted locally as well, Novo and Coda Coffee have a spot on the bench and are also active players for the drip or French press coffee for the purist.



Overall, I say SoJourners is a perfect place to go to, if you find yourself south of Denver wanting a cozy and comfortable coffee shop to hang out in. It is not pretentious or snobbish third wave, but an oasis in a busy world.




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