Reap and Sow Coffee Bar, making it through COVID.


Reap and Sow Coffee Bar is making it through COVID-19 in good style. Upon my return to the Valley of the Sun, I had good friends highly recommending the place, telling me that this is the place to go, and wow, they were right!


Reap and Sow is in the Rebel Lounge on 23rd Ave and Indian School. I can see why this type of partnership exists. With COVID playing havoc with crowd numbers, a music venue like Rebel Lounge are hurting and having a hard time making bills. So why not have two sources of income instead of one? Smart I say, and an excellent way to use the space and stimulate the local economy.

The Coffee Bar at Reap and Sow

We got to Reap and Sow early in the morning, so parking was not an issue. I found the lobby to be well lit, and spacious, and was quite impressed with the layout of the coffee bar and the coffee menu. What sold me was the staff, very friendly and knowledgeable, I was able to have a great coffee geek conversation, and got a solid coffee recommendation.

How were the drinks?

Our drinks were spot on, the pumpkin latte that was bragged about to us by several of our friends proved to be worthy of such praise.  Our nondairy espresso drink was just as yummy and expertly made, winning high praise from the customer.

A finely hand crafted Pumpkin Spice Latte

We got there before the morning rush happened, we quickly saw how popular Reap and Sow is, they have a solid fan base that shows up daily. The seating is comfortable and roomy, which is great during this time of COVID. All the patrons followed the mask mandate which made us comfortable and at ease. Knowing that people take this serious and still want their coffee shop to be open.


Overall, I have to say Reap and Sow is worthy of making a trip to and spending your time and money there. I felt welcomed and safe, and the espresso and coffee were top mark.



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