Peixoto Doce, a sweet treat from Brazil

Peixoto has a new coffee in their lineup, straight from the farm. This benefits us coffee drinkers in ways that you cannot imagine. Most coffee is harvested and is put into a big lot by a middleman, and then sold to sellers who, in turn, sell it to roasters. Except Peixoto, who is direct from farm to cup. So, what that means you are drinking a coffee that is not blended with other beans from other farms, but you are drinking a straight up, non-blended cup.

Peixoto’s Doce

Like wine, you look for a region or a vineyard that has the best grape. In my opinion Peixoto has the best coffee beans, so, it is always a treat to drink coffee from Peixoto. I get a feel for the land through their coffee, a wonderful way to travel without leaving your home.


So, as a response to COVID-19 this is my first review of coffees bought online, delivered directly to my doorstep. I have always enjoyed going to the roaster and talking with them, and getting their recommendation, but this time it was all internet.


Here is what I found



Very sweet and chocolate aroma. It is light, and enticing, not big or bold. The chocolate is very much like milk chocolate, lending to the sweetness or the aroma.


Very smooth and chocolatey. I picked up the sweetness, as an aftertaste, a nice finishing note to an excellent cup of coffee. As the cup cooled down, I did get a wonderful surprise taste of tangerine that was just right.


Adding milk to this coffee caused the milk chocolate note to become the star of the show. It was a wonderful treat, and I enjoyed sipping on it after my breakfast.



The acidity on this coffee is right in the middle. This coffee is naturally sweet, and has a pleasant finish to it, not a bitter or tangy aftertaste.



The body is perfect, a nice well-rounded mouth feel, not to watery, and certainly not heavy. Even when you put dairy in this coffee, it does not get heavy or creamy. The flavor and body remain consistent.



Overall this is a great addition to the Peixoto coffee line. It represents the robust range of coffee that you can find in Brazil, and it is a wonderful ambassador for coffee. Pleasant, intriguing and exotic.





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