Owl Canyon Coffee, a shop where you can roost

Greetings from Owl Canyon Coffee

Owl Canyon Coffee, a shop where you can roost, is the perfect representation of a small town coffee shop. A place that is friendly, clean plenty of seating, and most important of all, a quite retreat. 

Owl Canyon, in the little town of Wellington, CO, is located downtown in an old building that was built in the 1800s. It is perhaps the most northern shop in Colorado on the I-25 before you get to Cheyenne, WY. 

There are several things I liked about Owl Canyon. The service was quick, and friendly, and the barista was knowledgeable. The espresso drinks were excellent, and the atmosphere was charming. I have a passion for old buildings, and this place fit my obsession. The decor is thoughtfully considered, with dark walls, and white ceilings, but the center of attraction is the coffee bar itself, which is beautifully crafted with warm oak. It majestically holds court as your need of caffeine is met. 

The spacious lobby

While we were enjoying our espresso in the comfortable seating area we noticed that this coffee shop is the hub of local gathering, people showed up to start their day there or meet friends and hang out to spend some quality time together. This is what I truly admire about Owl Canyon, they want you to stay for a while, there was no loud music, no sense of hurry up and get your drink and get out of here for the next customer. Just a warm, friendly welcome and sit a spell, enjoy your drink and treat. I love that, and I also miss that. The new design of the modern coffee shop tends to be loud, and uncomfortable, encouraging people to move through quickly. It makes me less inclined to come back or recommend it to any one. The new model of coffee shop seems to be designed for numbers, not the plan of creating a solid, community related, customer base.    

So if you find yourself driving up to Cheyenne between 6 am to 4 pm make a short detour off the I-25 (really, just one light) into Wellington and goto 3745 Cleveland Ave, you will find Owl Canyon Coffee open seven days a week, get a cup to go or be like me, take a break from the road, unwind and enjoy.  

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