Nolyssa Farms a Temptress in a cup

Nolyssa Farms a Temptress in a cup is the latest offering from Scott of Carta Coffee Merchants, Scott a unique deal for the coffee and Kona coffee enthusiast! He has set up the “Carta Coffee Tree Package”. What is in this tree package you ask?  Well, for $295.00 you get a coffee tree planted in your name on the Nolyssa Farm, complete with a 4×6 inch plaque with your name, access to the annual specialty blends which are made from specific donor blocks, available only to you at a discounted price! The coffee is harvested by Scott and his children, milled and is processed naturally, no fermentation. 

To be a part of this outstanding legacy you just need to e-mail with your name and you can write anything you like to be included on the plaque. 

This year I was very lucky to try this outstanding coffee for myself, and it is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of Kona coffee. This coffee has a very distinctive taste and aroma profile that makes it stand out against the other purveyors of Kona coffee. 

Here is what I found.


The aroma of Nolyssa Farms is naturally sweet, very floral with a slight hint of orange. When I broke the coffee bloom in my French press, I noticed some volcanic earthiness that is the signature of quality Kona Coffee.


Again the sweetness comes through, it complements the milk chocolate flavor notes. As this coffee cools down in the cup, the flavors makes this coffee really stand out and shine. I got sweet mango and papaya, no heavy earthiness , but a slight zest of the volcanic soil that pulls you in for another cup of this exotic coffee.


The body of the Nolyssa is thick, heavy, smooth, and ever so velvety. Truly a temptress in a cup, I had visions of sitting at a beach with an endless supply of this coffee, enjoying the view of the ocean and enhancing it with this coffee.


Nolyssa Farms acid is low, smooth and naturally sweet, which means no bitterness when it cools down. What surprised me was the clean finish. Which does not happen with most Asian Pacific Coffees, so hats off to Scott on this one!

Overall this is an exemplary coffee, a brilliant show case of Kona coffee. 



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