Lula Rose Coffee Shop A Sweet Little Shop in Denver CO.

Lula Rose Coffee Shop, on Colfax Ave in Denver, is just a sweet little coffee shop, with a lot to offer, including freshly made pastries to go with their outstanding coffee. And, of course, expertly made espresso drinks from custom painted La Marzocco.

Lula Rose Cappuccino and Pastries

What made Lula Rose Coffee Shop stand out?

There are several reasons Lula Rose stood out for me, first was the big black sign that simply said Coffee Shop, nothing else, no logo, no fancy sign, just a simple sign saying it all. Secondly was the building itself, being a person who enjoys architecture, the 50’s diner throwback caught my eye. Third is the customer service, which is excellent. Lula Rose has a loyal following that is neighborhood based, people from the area go there first thing to get their coffee for the day and go there to take their coffee break as well. Finally, the coffee and the way they serve it.

Lula Rose Lobby

How so?

The coffee is served straight up simple, no fancy brewing methods, just drip coffee at its finest. The biggest part for me was the espresso drinks. The baristas there know how to work their La Marzocco, they bring out the best crema on shots that I haven’t seen in a while, and they are the masters of the foam wand. My cappuccino was first rate. Not bad from a coffee shop that looks rather plain and simple, but in reality is the local artist.

Lula Rose taking care of business

Lula Rose is dead serious about their coffee, they have 5 coffee roasters that are in their shop, you will find Coava, Heart, Middle State, Roseline and Kuma Coffee, all are excellent coffee roasters. All are made and served with passion and expertise that makes Lula Rose Coffee shop standout as one of the best in Denver.

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