Jubilee Roasting Company

Jubilee Roasting Company was recommended, and being a person who is into trying something new, I was game. Once again the Denver Coffee Culture paid off grandly.  Jubilee Roasting is a new roasting company with some great potential ahead of it! I came across their fine espresso, and coffee in one of my favorite shops, and they were quite right to be very proud of it, it was upon their recommendation that I go find Jubilee and give them a try.

Some of Jubilee's awesome coffee and espresso

Some of Jubilee’s awesome coffee and espresso

What is Jubilee Roasting Company like?

They are a small batch roaster, with a very nice coffee shop up front that serves coffee, and espresso on demand. So if you want drip coffee, you will not find it in a coffee brewer, but rather, it will be made as a pour over. All their coffee and espresso drinks are weighed carefully, and shots poured onto a scale as well as timed. This is some serious espresso craft going on! And of course the end result is a perfect shot, and a perfect drink.

The interior is very warm, with natural wood, and rustic furniture, that bring back memories to us. The last of the baby boomers, and being hip to the rest of the generations after us.

coffee roaster

Jubilee’s coffee roaster

Is Jubilee’s open to the public?

Yes, anyone can go, and get some outstanding coffee, and espresso! I met several people there that use Jubilee Roasting Company as a place to hang out, and others meeting people there for coffee. Due to Jubilee is strictly a coffee and espresso bar, as far as food goes, you will find donuts, and that is pretty much it. So don’t count on them for serving food. You will also find that Jubilee has all their coffees for sell there, with the roast date on it, so you are guaranteed freshness.


 Bottom line?

Finally I strongly recommend Jubilee Roasting Company for both a coffee shop, and a coffee roaster.


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