Jackie’s Java La Amistad Estate

A fine taste of Costa Rica

Jackie's Java coffee/CoffeeKen

Jackie’s Java La Amistad Estate light roast is a wonderful outstanding cup of Costa Rican coffee, and today I treated myself to a delicious cup of just that. I opened the bag, and carefully checked the roast, it was nice and even, no tipping (no burnt ends on the bean), with an aroma of tantalizing nuttiness, and a slight hint of spice made me eager for the water to boil done so I could get started on drinking this fine cup of coffee. Once the water hit the beans, a nice bouquet of nuttiness and spice filled the kitchen.

The flavor of Jackie’s Java La Amistad mirrored the aroma, with the nuttiness, and the subtle spice flavor, it is naturally sweet and smooth, with no bitterness, a very clean finish, and no lingering aftertaste to deal with. Next, I added milk to it, and I was greeted with a wonderful, honey-roasted nuts flavor. It was very yummy indeed.

Acidity is the shinning star in Jackie’s Java La Amistad Estate coffee bean, bright, brisk, clean, mild and sweet, all the favorable traits rolled into one, making this cup worthy of bragging about to your coffee friends who are looking for the best coffee.

The body was just as impressive as the other traits, nice, light and full of flavor, I also did some food pairing as well, peanut butter and jelly sandwich was very good, the peanut butter made the coffee very smooth and almost velvet in texture in my mouth, next was a Mandarin orange, I expected it to be bitter, but it was very juicy and sweet, no bitterness showed up at all so that was a favorable experience and lastly a peanut butter chocolate cup, it was fantastic!

Over all this is an excellent coffee to have in your pantry and share with your friends, I recommend Jackie’s Java La Amistad Estate it as an breakfast and break time coffee, it has a nice medium cup life (30 minutes to 45minutes) before the taste goes a little flat, but it does not get bitter, which in itself is quite amazing as well.

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