Grind Time Coffee Caldas from Colombia is a treat.

Grind Time Coffee Caldas from Colombia is a treat. So much, in fact, that I can’t stop obsessing about it. I normally have a noncommittal response to coffee from Colombia. I have had my share of supposed excellent coffee only to have had it to be rather bland and boring.  So, when Grind Time Coffee told me they had an excellent coffee from Colombia, I was at first hesitant but now I am glad I got past myself and tried something new. Mark from Grind Time has done a supreme job of roasting this coffee and bringing out the very best. It was enticing and exploding with flavor. A worthy addition to anyone who loves coffee.


Here is what I found on the Caldas.



Caldas aroma is what won me over, it is big, fruity, enticing and exotic. Full of promise of what you will be tasting. Aroma can be big without being bold. The aroma of orange and vanilla waft through out the kitchen and household here. Getting everyone’s attention. The blackberry was more noticeable when I was pouring the cup.



This is where this coffee made itself felt. The flavors of orange, vanilla and blackberry were in perfect balance and harmony. Neither one was dominate over the others. Just a lovely trio, harmonizing in a cup of coffee. I had my first cup done rather quickly before I could get a real taste on it. I was just eager to drink it, it was that good.



I found the body to be full and pleasant, not watery, or heavy. Everyone who had the Caldas reported a very pleasant mouth feel. I severed it up in several ways and I didn’t have a bad experience. Overall, it kept consistently delivering an outstanding cup of coffee.



This is where most coffees from Latin America loose it with me. The acidity is so high that within minutes of pouring, the coffee gets bitter and sour. I did not have that experience with the Caldas. It stayed fresh and pleasant throughout. The Caldas is naturally sweet and well balanced. No bitterness, no sourness, it stayed fresh and lively, converting me to keep looking for coffee from Colombia.


Brewing Methods:

I brewed the Caldas several ways.


 French Press:

I found it to be full of flavors exploding on my pallet. The flavor profile stayed intact.


  Moka pot:

I had the same experience; the flavor was more bold but not bitter or overdone.

Moka Pot


This was the best way to show case this coffee in my opinion. The filter did remove the oils and grittiness but did not remove any of the flavor. Making this coffee a very refine and exotic coffee to drink.

Brewing up some Black Label


I pulled a shot of this coffee in my espresso machine and it proved to be the best way to serve this coffee. It was an outstanding single origin shot, all the flavors and complexity were not lost in the extraction.

Espresso shot of Caldas


I say keep your eye out for this coffee, this is such a sweet coffee to have. I am now on a quest to find other gems from Colombia and I am eager to see how they stacked up against the Caldas.




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