Fire Creek Coffee Company

Fire Creek Coffee Company

Fire Creek Coffee Company, in Flagstaff AZ, for me, is like getting back in touch with a really good acquaintance. I first met Fire Creek Coffee Company in Cave Creek AZ, and fell in love with their coffee there. Four years later, I moved to AZ, only to discover that they had moved, too. So imagine my excitement when I saw their name on a storefront in Flagstaff! Needless to say, I was overjoyed at the prospect of renewing my relationship with them, and as it turns out I was not disappointed, at all! If fact, it picked up right where we left it!


Like any outstanding espresso shop and coffee bar, Fire Creek Coffee Company hires the best baristas in the area, and their commitment to excellence shows up at every level, from super customer service, to superb coffee for you, to enjoy there in the shop, or to take home and enjoy. This shows up immediately when you walk in the door and place your order for your drink. The shop itself is very modern and spacious, with lots of legroom, and more importantly, tabletop space with lots of outlets. The stage in the back offers weekend entertainment, and is also available for special engagements, and wall space is offered for as a gallery for local artists, and there is a bar, just to add to many options made available by Fire Creek Coffee Company.


The vast menu at Fire Creek Coffee Company offers some outstanding non coffee drinks as well, the hot coco was a big hit with my one traveling companion who was taking a break from having to much coffee, (unheard of, I know), and a wicked good chai tea latte, that hit the spot for my wife. Both items got a big thumbs-up from my traveling companions! Oh, and I did I mention, the pastries and snacks are fresh made and local?


If you find yourself in Flagstaff AZ, and are spending the weekend there, or even just passing through, I recommend Fire Creek Coffee Company, for an outstanding place to kick back, have some great coffee and pastries, and give yourself a wonderful break.



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