Esso Coffee Shop, Phoenix’s New Hidden Gem.

Esso Coffee Shop is Phoenix’s new hidden gem of a coffee shop. They offer fresh roasted coffee that they roast right there in the coffee shop. That same coffee is also used in their espresso blend that is put to good use in their drinks, which are outstanding to drink.

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Where in Phoenix?

Esso is located on 12th Street and Highland, hidden behind a foliage screen which, during the hot summer months in Phoenix, will offer some excellent protection from the heat. I love the screen, it gives you a cozy and intimate feeling that this coffee shop is yours only, and you share it with other coffee lovers, who are on the same coffee quest as you.

Esso’s coffee bar

Esso is a small shop that has plenty of space and comfort, with a nice outdoor patio. Despite the fact Esso is in a concrete building with a large south facing glass front. I felt very much at ease there, without feeling that I was in a cave, with plenty if natural light from outside creating a homey, cozy feeling.


How were the drinks?

The drinks were outstanding! And the roast that Esso made for themselves is quite good, even as a stand-alone shot, it was very delicious. The quality of the pour was top notch, and attention to detail on the milk foam was very evident. There are some pastries that will pair well with their coffee and espresso.

Esso’s copper clad espresso machine

The center piece to Esso is their espresso machine, it is an iconic old-style espresso machine that you don’t see everywhere. A copper clad, two group head lever machine. A work of art.

There is also a very nice-looking coffee roaster from Buckeye that is also a lovely center piece, and worthy of a look over.

Esso’s coffee roaster


If you are a lover of fine coffee, espresso and a stylish coffee shop, a bastion of all that makes Esso  your place.

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