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 roasted the way you want it.

Cubico bag

Cubico Coffee is a coffee roasting company that excels in custom roasting coffee, the way you want it. You can pick up to 4 different coffee beans, and determine the percentage, by making sure it adds to 100%, pick either 12oz or 2oz sampler, and your set. Next you pick the roast profile that you want, be it a light roast, city, or a full city. When you pick your roast you get a profile that tells you what to expect, then the next step is the grind that you want on your coffee; fine for espresso, medium grind for most methods of brewing, or course grind for French Press, and vacuum pots. All of this amazing stuff is done right on their web site, pretty cool I know!

The box you must have

The box you must have

Next, the coffee is roasted, and sent directly to you, in a fantastic, personalized box that is perfect for your cupboard, or to proudly display on your counter top! And, the best part of all is that they Cubico Coffee will keep your blend on file, so it will be ready the next time you place an order!


What gives Cubico Coffee this confidence? Simple, they have been a family owned coffee roaster since 1877, so generation, after generation of knowledge has been passed down, ensuring quality and commitment. First, and foremost, is their customer service, all the little things that make this a great product are right in your box! A little booklet explaining the coffee you selected, where it is raised, how it is harvested, and processed, and the tasting profile.

Wealth of information in this booklet

Wealth of information in this booklet

Look at the bag and you will notice a wealth of information! Cubico Coffee proudly displays your name, roast profile, the beans used, and the percentage on the front of your personalized box. On the side, is where you will find the date, and the roaster’s name, and on the other side, brewing instructions! All this in one package!


Cubico Coffee is the future for coffee, and customer service, wrapped up all in one; you the customer will have a coffee experience of a lifetime.


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