Cocotu’s Panama Chiriqui is so totally worth it!

Cocotu’s Panama Chiriqui is so totally worth it! This latest offering is full of pleasant surprises. This coffee even surprised both the veteran and novice coffee drinkers alike. We were taken in by its charm, exotic aroma, and flavor notes. The surprise came in the form of the acidity, and body. I was expecting a watery cup of coffee, instead I got a full-bodied coffee that was right in the golden zone, not too light, and not too heavy, just perfect. I used the Bodum Pour over for this coffee and found it to be the best choice. The French Press did a fine job, but I got a better flavor with the pour over. This latest offering from Cocotu is well worth it. Buy a bag and be ready to go to Panama.

Here is what I found.

Cocotu’s Panama Chriqui coffee beans ready to grind.


The Chiriqui’s aroma is big! When I opened the bag, I was greeted quite enthusiastically by a sweet floral aroma. Enriched by smoky caramel, and earthy chocolate.



Here is the surprise in the Panama Chiriqui, upon tasting it, I got the smokiness, the chocolate, the caramel, and even wine like floral earthiness, but the kicker was butterscotch! I added cream and the butterscotch really came through. What a pleasant surprise.


The body of the Chiriqui is so enticing, mild, full, not too heavy or light, just right. Full of expression, teasing the tongue with all its complex flavors. Worthy of a nice slow coffee break.



What impressed me the most about the Chriqui is the acidity. Naturally sweet, no bitterness that is often associated with Central American coffees. A clean finish that is crisp, leaving you wanting more.



Overall, I am very pleased to say this latest offering from Cocotu is outstanding! We here at CoffeeKen are quite taken with this coffee. It is sweet, complex, and full of surprises. I love exotic coffees, and this one really lives up to that expectation. Go hit up Cocotu for the Chiriqui, you will be greatly pleased.


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