Bison Union Smokehammer

Bison Union Smokehammer is a staple, local, small business, and veteran owned coffee shop and roaster in Sheridan, WY.


The front door of the Bison Union

This outstanding coffee has all the traits, and attitudes of the American West. It is bold, full of action, with an equal amount of smoothness and charm to make this coffee a solid representative of the West.

A little bit about Bison Union Coffee, it is a American Dream come true for two men who are the embodiment of American icons, one is an American Service Veteran who served this country, and the other is a Cowboy. A perfect partnership to represent the American myth of heroes, because they are the real deal.

Smokehammer is a perfect balance of Columbian arabica, and robusta coffee. The natural sweetness comes from the Columbian coffee, and the full body smoothness from the robusta. I know there is a few purists that will shrink at the thought of drinking robusta coffee at any level, but to keep to that opinion is to keep yourself small. So put aside your pride, step outside your opinion box, and try something new.

Here is what I found.


Smokehammer is full, bold, earthy, with a slight hint of floral, and chocolate. This is coffee that makes a bold statement in the morning on how your day is going to be, full of energy, time to wake up, and get going. None of this easing in your day stuff.


Same as the aroma, full and bold with big taste of earthiness, chocolate, and a slight hint of peanut butter. The robusta is the foundation of the earthiness and bold profile, while the Columbian adds the chocolate and peanut butter, with a small hint of floral. It paired well with chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and you can’t get more American that. 

The roaster


Smokehammer is full, without being heavy, and is not watery, but a long shot. A full body, smooth cup of coffee that is a perfect way to jumpstart your morning.


I got a bit of brightness from the first sip, but it was the perfect partner to the mellow and smoothness that followed afterwards. This combination I feel makes it a great candidate for a travel mug or a thermos for those long road trips and daily commutes.

Where the magic happens


Bison Union Smokehammer is a perfect cup for starting your day. It has all the characteristics of the great coffee that helped to fuel the people that built the west. A strong, bold, smooth partner that is in it for the long haul, but also has a some brightness, and sweetness to lighten your day.       

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