Presta Coffee, Tucson’s other Third Wave

Presta Coffee is Tucson’s other third wave coffee shop, and coffee roaster. Named after a bike air stem, this stylish coffee shop offers it all for the discerning coffee snob. A well-rounded selection of fresh roasted coffee and a serious coffee bar staffed with equally serious baristas.

Presta’s latte art

Presta is located North of downtown Tucson in an odd mix-use neighborhood providing the perfect setting for a Third Wave coffeeshop/roaster. There is plenty of parking and the outward appearance of Presta is muted. Don’t let this throw you off, keep going forward into the shop and it will be worth stepping outside your box of what coffee shops should look like. Once inside, you immediately know you are in a coffee haven that takes itself seriously, without being dogmatic or preachy. Presta is there to offer you a solid cup of coffee or a well-made espresso drink. No gimmicks to get you in, just your desire to try something outstanding.


I learned of Presta Coffee from Viva Coffee, Presta is their coffee roaster and coffee mentor. I was so impressed with their coffee at Viva, I had to look them up and give it a try. I ended up bringing a bag of their coffee home, after spending some time there just kicking back and relaxing.

What is Presta like?

The coffee shop is well lit, with natural lighting, spacious, and very comfortable to sit in. The noise level there was perfect, loud enough to have privacy but not so loud you felt like you had to shout to be heard or run out of there because it is too loud.

Presta’s Lobby

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, willing to share their knowledge without looking down at you for asking questions.

Presta’s latte and coffee

Presta’s coffee is full of flavor and is served the best way possible to bring out the best in their coffee. The espresso drinks are made the same way, with the utmost care. Well worth the effort to find Presta Coffee.

Presta’s coffee and swag shelf


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Viva Coffee House, in Southern Tucson, yes….I vigorously approve!

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