Loma La Gloria Black Honey, Presta’s sweet deal

Loma La Gloria Black Honey is Presta latest from El Salvador offering a wonderful drink, and perhaps a solid example of the Third Wave Coffee Roasting Philosophy.

Presta’s latte and coffee


Third Wave Coffee is well known for how the coffee got there, who farmed it, how many hands your coffee went through to get to your favorite coffee shop and barista. The roasting philosophy that goes with Third Wave is to go with a roast that brings out all of the flavors of the coffee cherry. That usually means a lighter roast. For most of the Third Wave Roasters a City Plus is too dark for them.


Presta Loma La Gloria Black Honey is just such a coffee, and I was at first concerned about the light roast.  My fears were put aside however, once I brewed up a cup in my French Press and tried it. The Flavors were stellar.


Here is what I found.



The Loma La Gloria had a light, delicate fruity note of apricot with an undertone of honey and chocolate, That tantalized your nose, but did not over powered it.



Naturally sweet, fruit-like, that was strong, but not overly bold. The apricot in the aroma notes is there as a main flavor, the chocolate is not there at all when you serve it without milk or cream.

Adding dairy to this coffee changes up the flavor profile drastically, the apricot becomes mute and the chocolate and honey flavors come out quite dominantly, I only picked up the apricot as a finish note.


The acidity is very clean, crisp and well balanced, I did not get any flat or bitter notes.



Quite impressive, very lively, not thick or dull, but quite active on your pallet.



The finish of the Loma La Gloria is quite delicious, it is fresh and naturally sweet, with apricot notes through out when you are drinking it without any dairy, add milk, and this coffee changes up. Milk Chocolate and honey become the main flavors which is enjoyable as well.

Overall, I enjoyed Presta’s Loma La Gloria, drinking this coffee both ways; black, or with dairy was equally enjoyable, it is nice to have a coffee that can go either way and still be top notch.

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Presta Coffee, Tucson’s other Third Wave

Viva Coffee House, in Southern Tucson, yes….I vigorously approve!





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