Where U Bean? Hanging out in an awesome coffee shop.


Where U Bean, in west Chandler, is a sweet little coffee house that is the essence of coffee shops worldwide. A welcoming place to hang out in, do your homework, or meet up with friends with a cup of coffee, or some outstanding espresso.

The Lobby

What impressed me the most about Where U Bean is the laid-back atmosphere, and the décor. The décor is quite trendy, not over the top cute, or shabby chic, but urban and inviting. I ended up spending more time there than I anticipated. The music was at the right level, not so loud that you’re not inclined to talk, but you could talk freely with your friends, and not worry of being overheard or bothering someone.


How is the Lobby?

The lobby is very spacious, perfect in my opinion, with plenty of space between tables and couches. There are several distinct seating arrangements that give you the illusion of your own space when in reality you are in a small store front, properly laid out for flow and function.


How is the coffee?

Where U Bean uses Intelligentsia coffee, and they do an outstanding job of serving it. Intelligentsia should be proud of how their coffee is being served there. I had a cappuccino that was right on the mark, and some Red Velvet cake that was very delicious. They have a nice selection of pastries and goodies that offer a perfect pairing with your drinks, and the coffee and espresso menu is just the right size, not too over ladened with syrups.

An outstanding cappuccino

Where U Bean caught my attention through social media, which for me is great, I normally find coffee shops through google maps or yelp and I did not find this place listed on either one. A posting on Instagram caught my attention, found it, and was richly rewarded for my effort.


Overall, I am quite taken with Where U Bean, it is a nice little shop, not crazy busy, nor is it a dead shop with nothing to offer, but rather a perfect shop that is a community anchor, a place to go to get a break, or get some work done.

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