Tres Leches Café

Tres Leches Café, on the 13th Ave block of Roosevelt Road, is perhaps one the most legit Mexican coffee houses that I have had the pleasure of drinking coffee in. The espresso menu is purely Latino, that means you are getting some coffee, and espresso rich in flavor, and spices. You will not find this type of coffee house anywhere, unless you go to Mexico itself.

Tres Leches Cafe

What makes Tres Leches Café special?

What makes this café special for me is the coffee Olla, which is quite delicious, and only served on the weekends. In Mexico, Olla is a coffee that has some culinary spices put in while it is being brewed. The spices that are included are specific to the various regions of Mexico. Our treat today had cinnamon, all spice, and star of anise. This was a cup of heaven, and what made it really spectacular was the “tres leche” added by the barista, that put this coffee on top!

My other espresso treat was the Café Chavo, and it was simply divine! Nicely made with honey, cinnamon, and “tres leche”, all three ingredients were well balanced, and did not over power the espresso.  I had a drink that was very enticing, and I wanted more! This could easily be served as a cold drink as well, and I would have been just as happy with it.

Some of Tres Leches Cafe art

What is the shop like?

Tres Leches Café is very small, and homey, making me feel right at home. There is parking in the back, and plenty of outdoor seating, if it is to crowed up front. On Sundays there are DJ’s spinning records, for our entertainment, and today just happened to be 80’s Sunday, so it was a special treat to hear some music from my past.

The lobby of Tres Leches Cafe

Your overall opinion

My overall opinion of Tres Leches Café, I love the place! I can’t wait to bring some of my coffee drinking friends there to experience something completely different, and outstanding! It is well worth the drive, and time to have some coffee, and espresso that is culturally unique and fantastic.

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