Serafina, Phoenix’s New Downtown Espresso Mecca

Serafina is Phoenix’s new downtown espresso mecca. This little shop has a lot going on, and a lot going for it. Serafina is the creation of Damian Serafine, a well-known coffee roaster and barista from New York, Damian moved to Phoenix in the early 90’s, and partnered with Daniel Wayne. The two of them opened the Coffee & Juice Bar inside the Phoenix Convention Center and Symphony Hall. They then next set up a coffee bar inside the Herbereger Theater. One Coffee CO was Damian’s next coffee adventure, with a full-service coffee bar, and inhouse roasting.

Serafina’s lobby

2013 saw Damian and family move back to New York but the Valley of the Sun had a stronger pull than New York, and said family moved back in 2016. Damian set his sights on Luhrs Towers to open Serafina Coffee Roasters in 2018, and the coffee drinking people of Phoenix have a just cause to celebrate!


What makes Serafina special?

This shop is special for me because Damian brings so much to his shop, his passion and his experience are there as a palatable part of the shop. The décor of the shop is also a big player in the atmosphere, it is a very comfortable place to be, hang out sip your coffee or espresso and watch life go by.

Serafina’s coffee and lobby

What about the coffee?

Serafina’s coffee is top notch, and it’s roasted right there, so it is fresh. The coffee is roasted to perfection, and the espresso blend is very righteous. I love the flavor profile of it. The baristas are very good, and outstanding in their trade. If you are a fan of cold brew, I strongly recommend theirs, it is absolutely wonderful, and Damian has put his personal touch to it. Well worth the journey to downtown Phoenix.

The espresso bar


Overall, I love this place, Serafina joins the ranks of a select few coffee shops that have it all, fresh roasted coffee, top notch baristas, a great location, comfortable place to hang out and most of all, lots of passion and experience that puts Serafina in the mover and shakers of Arizona’s coffee culture.

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