Lola coffee bar is the place to be on any day of the week

Lola coffee bar, in downtown Phoenix, is one of the many well known coffee shops along Roosevelt Avenue, and there are several good reasons that. Great coffee and espresso, served up by some outstanding baristas, the coffee is roasted right there in the shop, so it is fresh and local. Fresh made food that is healthy, and oh so yummy to eat, (I recommend the cherry tart with a cappuccino), and it is just a great place to hang out and people watch.

Finding Lola is easy. Finding a parking spot may require some special skill, but it is well worth it. The smell of fresh coffee and fresh baked goods are too hard to pass up, evidenced by the fact that the lobby is crowded with ardent espresso fans and foodies from downtown Phoenix.

The interior of Lola is full of surprises, such as great local art always on the wall, and community activities are listed and advertised, giving Lola a strong sense of community in the Roosevelt Avenue area. The seating area inside is a bit tight, and it can get pretty loud, but the tables are roomy and there is an outdoor seating area as well, with lots of leg room.

You will see all types of people come through Lola, artists, lawyers, women in kimonos from the Japanese Tea Garden (which is right around the corner) and all kinds of people who love coffee.


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