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Puli from India Coffee Company

Puli from India Coffee Company

Puli Coffee, from India Coffee Company, is currently one of the outstanding coffees that I have received to date. It is the perfect embodiment of India, full of spice, yet smooth, complex in flavor, but so easy to sit back and enjoy. During my review of this coffee, I quickly realized that my list of coffee adjectives was quite sparse, and I have had to add some more words to my list. Here is what I discovered about this excellent cup of coffee.


Puli’s aroma is a heady experience of spice, and mystery, pulling you in with tantalizing aromas from all over the world, expanding your senses, with a bit of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, allspice, and pepper. I felt I was standing at the docks in Malabar when I started brewing my coffee, the aroma filled the whole house!


The flavor of India Coffee Company, Puli is one of deep complex, richness of all the spices listed before, but what amazed me the most is the naturally sweet flavor. Drinking this coffee quickly reminded me of drinking a Bengal Spice Tea, but with the added pleasure of it being coffee. There was no bitter aftertaste, and all the flavors blended harmoniously together, staying that way until the last sip.


Puli’s body is rich, and full, without being heavy, I was quite impressed with its juiciness, it was alive in your mouth, giving you a different flavor with each sip.


The acidity of the Puli is a wonderful medium, that is naturally sweet and mild, no sharpness, giving the Puli a long cup life, and a good choice for iced coffee. I did add some milk, making it just as wonderful.


My assessment of India Coffee Company’s Puli definitely part of the “must get” status, it is very much like India, vibrant, spicy, mysterious, rich, deep in character and culture. A coffee worthy of having in your cupboard.

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