Mugs Coffee, keeping it real in Fort Collins.

Mugs, in the heart of down town Fort Collins, is keeping it real. The shop has a unique feel to it, that I can only imagine happening in Fort Collins. Mugs has been in Fort Collins for quite some time, and has garnered a loyal following of coffee fans, and I can see why! Located in a prime corner, they attract the traffic from both sides, and serve a wide range of coffee centered drinks, and fresh made food, staples for any college student.


Mugs mugs


What is the shop like?

The Coffee shop itself is a prime example of light, and use the space to its fullest potential. The natural light that comes in is perfect, natural and refreshing. The use of space is a perfect complement, the tables, chairs are well spaced out along with the couches and the use of side bars and seating nooks is well done. I know this is a work space for some people, and as a coffee drinker I did not feel I was intruding, and was easily able to enjoy my beverage.

Mugs lobby

How was the coffee?

The coffee was great, as well as the service. As I mentioned earlier, there is a large selection of espresso drinks, and fresh brewed coffee is self-served. Perfect for students working on big projects and finals. My cappuccino was perfect and the espresso in it was balanced just right.


What else did you like?

I loved the d├ęcor, it is what I would expected from a coffee shop so close to a college, with lots of tasteful art, and some bold expressions on their coffee mugs. The other thing I really liked was the downstairs work space and meeting rooms. It was a pleasant surprise, and I saw a great value to have this as part of Mugs offering to its customers and the community. It is far enough removed from the main lobby to give you the much-needed space to conduct your business, and yet still be close to have coffee at hand when you need it.

Over all I am quite impressed with Mugs, it is a great college coffee shop, and a community shop, all rolled up in one.

Mugs Coffee Bar


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