Laughing Latte

where coffee and a Happy Buddha meets


Laughing Latte

Laughing Latte’s coffee bar

Laughing Latte, in Highlands’s neighborhood in Denver CO, is a fun, neighborhood coffee shop, where you can hang out, get a great cup of coffee or espresso, get some good, fresh made food, kick back, and watch the world go by.


I found Laughing Latte by accident, the name and the logo on the building called to me, inspiring me to give a try. The artist had skillfully rendered the Laughing Buddha on a coffee mug, and I thought, “oh what the heck, I gotta check this out”, and it proved to be a pleasant discovery.


Laughing Latte is not on the beaten path, but rather off it, hence the connection to the Buddha. Just a little way off your course, and a pleasant little nirvana is right there for those who have the zeal for adventure! You will be rewarded for you effort.


I found Laughing Latte to be spacious, and warm, with a friendly staff that knows what they are doing, and do it well. The coffee is roasted locally, and the food is made right there, so freshness is not an issue. I had a Panini that hit the, and the service was just as good as the food!


Espresso and an Panini

The lobby is very large, and well laid out, naturally colored, but the real fun was the large flavor wheel! Right there! Large and bold, so you can’t possibly miss it! You coffee geeks know what I’m talking about! Crowding is a non-issue, with plenty of tables, chairs, and bar space for patrons. The street side parking, like any other city, may cause you to drive around, but you’ll find a spot.

Flavor wheel

The flavor wheel

Laughing Latte is an oasis the cityscape of Denver, a nice little retreat to go to, and hang out, while taking it easy.

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