James Coffee Company; a coffee geeks market place!

James Coffee Company in San Diego’s Little Italy District is a treasure you will most likely remember for years to come. A trendy coffee shop that is set up in an industrial warehouse market place that has lots to offer along with some amazing coffee and espresso. You will find a barber shop, a sunglass shop, art studio and most importantly, a full fledged coffee equipment shop. A coffee geeks heaven!

James Coffee Company lobby

How was the coffee?

James Coffee is outstanding! A lot of pride and skill goes into their coffee, from the roaster right up to the barista, and a staff that manages customer service very well. I ordered a dry cappuccino that was spot on, and an iced chai tea that really stood out from all the other chai teas that we have had over the year. Their espresso is naturally sweet and full of flavor that blended very well with milk and stood well alone as a shot. I tried their single origin coffee a Burundi Mpanga that impressed me so much I took some home with me, (a review of that coming soon, I swear).


How was the Shop?

As I mentioned earlier, the shop itself is an industrial warehouse market place decor, that is very spacious. The coffee bar is in the middle of everything where it should be. I loved the motorcycles that were parked inside as a decoration and I suspect that they are also the real deal that are parked inside.

James large lobby

What impressed me the most about James is beside the real community feel that it has, in the fact your dog is more than welcomed. It was really wonderful to have that, I have a several times had to cut my visits short to shops because my dog had to stay in the truck.


The market place feel to James is really apparent when you go to the coffee equipment show room, there you will find all kinds of great stuff that to make you coffee adventures at home a reality. Buying their coffee is also a treat as well. James does it’s best to cover all your wants and needs.

James Motor Bike


Next time I am in San Diego, I am going there first.

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