Elevation Coffee: Clearly rises above the rest, in Taos.

Elevation Coffee in Taos NM is clearly above the rest of the coffee shops you will find. Elevation is off the beaten path where you would normally find the wonderful shopping and historic sites. Elevation sits on a main highway, apart from the crowds and sparse parking. It is well worth the mile drive out of town if you want to experience an excellent cup of coffee or espresso. Just look for the big red cup.

The big red cup

Elevation is home to all the local people who call Taos home, and the owners make sure that the good people of Taos stay well caffeinated. The espresso menu is very well rounded with all the standard drinks, and for those who just want a plain cup of joe, you will find your wishes met there as well.


How was the shop?

What impressed me at first was the parking, there was plenty of it! I noticed a big red cup sitting up high, as a beacon for us weary road travelers. I stepped in the shop and was welcomed by the d├ęcor, and the openness of the shop. But what stood out the most for me was the customer service. It was excellent! It would be easy for the staff there to treat me as a tourist and just serve me, but I was warmly greeted and served with a smile. And if you love art by local artists, then this really is the place for you!

Elevation’s Lobby

How was the coffee?

Excellent! I ordered a cappuccino, and the foam was very tight and firm and the balance of espresso and foam was dead on. I also noticed that there was a brisk run on baked goods and pastries, all made locally.



I am truly enthralled with Elevation Coffee, the friendly staff, the great customer service, excellent espresso, as well as being a community coffee shop, makes Elevation Coffee a cup above the rest.

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