Ebb and Flow: Catching the Good Vibes.

Ebb and Flow coffee shop in Verrado AZ, is a sweet little coffee shop that is the cornerstone of the community. Ebb and Flow offers a nice range of food and caffeinated drinks. The lobby is spaciously laid out for being a small shop, there is also plenty of outdoor seating that is perfectly located in the shade side of the building.

Ebb and Flow lobby

Ebb and Flow is the creation of two talented ladies, Karlie and Liz. They pride themselves on striving towards the three pillars of their mission statement, 1. Community, 2. Customer Service, and 3. Quality. They in my opinion have manage to do so. We visited on a busy Sunday morning, and our time there flowed quite nicely. We ordered breakfast sandwiches and a scone, and everything was yummy.

How was the coffee?

The coffee is wonderful! Cult Coffee is their primary coffee roaster, so if you are a Cult Coffee fan, this is a place for you to go. I had a cappuccino that was spot on, and a honey latte that rocked! If by chance you are not a coffee drinker, never fear, Ebb and Flow has you covered. They have an impressive tea selection that will keep you coming back for more.

You mention Community, how so?

One of Karlie and Liz’s pillars is community, and while we were there, the place was hopping! I could tell we were the day trippers that came through, everybody else there were residents of Verrado, moms with strollers, kids and parents hanging out enjoying a moment at a coffee shop. Friends and neighbors coming together for a cup of coffee to catch up, it was really wonderful to witness.


Quality is in the food and drinks, all of it is freshly made with care. The food is loaded with healthy ingredients without making you feel as though you are in a health food store. The espresso drinks we had were perfectly made, it is nice to see that Ebb and Flow have some top-class baristas working the bar.

Customer service?

Customer service was spot on, we were greeted by a friendly order taker, and the barista did her part as well, taking care of business and still engaging in a conversation with me. We felt inclined to hangout all day, if only we could have.

The coffee bar

Bottom Line?

Stop in! Experience a coffee shop that lives up to its core beliefs, and have some awesome coffee or espresso!

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