Verrado Coffee Company

Greeting You with a Cup of Coffee.

Verrado Coffee Company, in the west side of the Valley of the Sun, is greeting people with a cup of coffee. Verrado offers a wonderful selection of espresso drinks, and several amenities that you won’t find in your average coffee shop. Parking is not an issue, as there is plenty space, and best of all, there is a dog park for your fur babies!

Verrado’s Lobby

Verrado Coffee Company has a splendidly large lobby, it really is big! There is a conference room that you can reserve just by placing a phone call. There is even a child room where your kids can go and have a good time.

Verrado’s coffee bar

How is the coffee?

The coffee at Verrado is roasted in Tempe, AZ by Infusion Coffee and Tea. Verrado serves it well and does a bang-up job of it at the espresso bar. They have a wide range of hot, cold and blended espresso drinks, along with chia, and tea, too. If caffeine is not your choice, never fear as they have a nice selection of smoothies as well.


The lobby?

As I mentioned before, the lobby is big! Real big! Lots of seating with couches, tables and chairs, a conference room that is totally tricked out with wide screen tv and doors that are fairly sound proof to assure some privacy. It is all decorated in modern country store vibe while trying to be trendy. My favorite thing there at Verrado was the coffee pot chandelier, quite cool.

Verrado’s coffee pot chandelier

Verrado is located on the far west side of the Valley of the Sun, right off of I-10, there is plenty of signs pointing you to the right direction and yes, it is really just off the Interstate. Letting Verrado Coffee be a community coffee shop and a real stop for the weary traveler looking for a nice coffee shop without it being a large chain franchise.

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