Candis Coffee Table! Brighton’s Own Bright Spot!

Candis Coffee Table is Brighton; CO’s own independent coffee shop that has all the talent worthy of any coffee chain. What makes this shop stand out is the customer service. Attention is paid to every detail in making a perfect espresso drink. The coffee is weighed on a scale to make sure you get the perfect number of grams of coffee for your drink.


How big is the shop?

Candis Coffee Table has lots of room, the shop has several tables for group meetings, couches and small tables spread though out. You will find yourself feeling comfortable just hanging out and enjoying your drink.

Candis Lobby

What else is there?

You will find all kind of wonderful stuff there, including plenty of fresh baked goods that will satisfy any sweet tooth! If fresh baked goods are not your cup of tea, Candis offers a wide range of art and crafts, all made locally! Speaking of community spirit, there is a seed table for anybody who wants to get free seeds to grow, or bring in their seeds to share. I love that concept!


How is the espresso?

The espresso here is perfect, like I stated earlier, the espresso is carefully weighed out. My cappuccino was foamed up perfectly, with a lot of care put into my drink. Candis Coffee Table prides itself on making the perfect drink, just for you. I was quite impressed.

Would you recommend Candis?

Yes! Yes, I would! Candis comes highly recommended. It is Brighton’s first independent coffee shop, setting its sights on being a community coffee shop, they are off to a great start! They are located in downtown Brighton, where there is ample parking. Candis Coffee Table is right off the highway and is easy to get to. So next time you drive by Brighton, stop in, it will be a treat.

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