Seattle WA
 Zoka Coffee of Seattle WA is a small, local business that has done good. You will find their coffee in most QFC  and health food stores in and around the Seattle area. I found all of Zoka Coffee to be truly remarkable, each bag I have sampled has been outstanding, meeting their own brand of quality that makes their coffee stand alone.
My favorite has been the Espresso Paladino, with its creamy and honey flavored profile it is one of few espresso blends that can stand alone, and can be served up in steamed milk making any espresso drink outstanding.
If you are a espresso drinker and love outstanding espresso this is the roaster for you.They have 13 different types of blends for you espresso needs, each one different and unique. If you like single origin coffee  Zoka can help you out as well, they offer wide range of coffee from all over the world, each  harvested and roasted to perfection. You can enjoy their coffee at by shopping at their web-site and order directly or use Roast Click and Deliver to get your favorite Zoka single origin or blends delivered to your door step. Seattle’s coffee culture is richer with Zoka being a part of it.
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