Yanai Coffee

Yanai Coffee is the latest coffee offering that I received from India Coffee Company. I was very impressed with the Puli, and I am very glad to say Yanai is equally as impressive as the Puli.

Yanai has the exotic flavor of all the fine coffees of India, but what set this coffee apart was the way it was roasted, a bit more on the dark side than most of the coffees that I have tasted from there, and to me this is all the better! Like the elephant on the bag, Yanai is big and substantial, lots of body and flavor. I made my coffee the way they do it in India, I am a firm believer in making it the way the locals make it, that way I feel I get the whole coffee experience from their point of view, that, and I like trying new things. The end result for me was a very heady cup of coffee with lots of spice, body, and flavor that has me keep going back for more.

Here is what I found.





Big as in BIG! As an elephant in the room! I got a very rich, smoky, and spiced laden aroma that filled up the entire house. I picked up cardamom and cinnamon.


Very smooth, spicy and strong, not at all bitter, but naturally sweet, with an earthy, and caramel undertone. Adding milk made the spice flavors explode in this coffee. I was quite surprised when the heated milk was added and all the spices in the world came flooding out in both aroma and flavor, the spice was earthier and mellow, compared to the Puli which was very fiery and sassy, (yes I used sassy as an adjective) Yanai is more majestic, and stately.


The body of the Yanai is full, impressive and thick, not as juicy as the Puli. I noticed a slight creaminess to it as well, with milk the Yanai was very velvety, and smooth making this coffee a real treat to drink.


The acidity is balanced and clean, which is surprising, considering the earthy flavor profile, it is also naturally sweet not sharp or bitter, which tells me the roast was finely tuned in. The end result is an outstandingly smooth cup of coffee with a long cup life.


Would I buy this coffee or recommend it? Yes, and very much so, I personally think that India is being overlooked as a strong coffee exporter and companies like India Coffee Company are the best ambassadors for the coffee of India. They present the best and roast it to be the best, and like a spice merchant of the old days, I know a good deal when I taste one.

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